I love making small but exquisite programs, like processing sketches for visual arts and communication design, mini-games, iOS & macOS apps coding in Swift, and python apps, based on my own ideas and created for open-topic course works, or just for fun during free-time.



Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Plugins Series

  • OBSTimeBud – Display current time in your live stream.
  • OBSLyricsBud – Control and display song lyrics in your live stream.

Pokemon: Maroon & Gold – a Pokemon-style 2D (SpriteKit) game for macOS.

Vaporwave Music Player 2.1 – a simple a e s t h e t i c s music player for macOS.


RulerClock 1.0, A simple clock that doesn’t look like a clock.


  • Swift (half-year experience on macOS. currently learning iOS.)
  • Processing
  • Python


  • Xcode
  • Processing
  • Atom

POSTED July 30, 2017
UPDATED September 16, 2018

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