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I’m currently a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Digital Media. I’m expected to graduate in May 2021. I am a creative person, and my mission is to make products and solutions that could change people’s lives.

MY CONCENTRATION Digital Media, Human-Computer Interaction, UI/UX & Interaction Design, Front-end.

WHAT I CAN DO Prototyping apps and websites. Web design & development. Digital art & interactive media creation. Visual art programming. Data visualization. Basic Python, R, and Java skills. Design marketing materials. Video editing & creative directing.


Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Literature, Media, and Communication

MAJORING IN Digital Media

Master of Science (2019-2021)

The University of Chicago

Division of the Humanities

MAJORING IN Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Master of Arts (2018-2019)


  • Scholarship awarded by Division of the Humanities
  • 3.86 Current cumulative GPA (Summer 2018 + Autumn 2018)
  • 4.0 Autumn 2018 quarter GPA

Arizona State University

Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts

MAJORING IN Digital Culture (Media Processing)

Bachelor of Arts (2014-2018)


  • Dean List Herberger Institute, Fall 2017
  • Dean List Herberger Institute, Spring 2018
  • 3.87 Digital Culture Studies and Digital Media Coursework GPA
  • 3.65 Senior Year GPA (Fall 2017 ~ Spring 2018)
  • 3.28 Cumulative GPA (Undergraduate)

See all of my courses.



Adobe XD (Experience Design), InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Axure, Proto.io

HTML, CSS, WordPress






Java, C, C++,

Python, R


Desktop Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

Mobile Apple iOS


Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Motion 5

Adobe Premiere Pro

Corel VideoStudio


Apple iWork Keynote, Pages

Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, OneNote

Xcode, Visual Studio


LibreOffice, OpenRefine


Mandarin Chinese (Mainland China), native language


English (U.S.), academic & professional working proficiency



AT Synthesis Media Lab (iStage) @ ASU, an interactive and responsive environment for media arts

Arizona State University

IN Tempe, Arizona, United States

May 2017 ~ May 2018

  • Characterizing Bottlenecks towards a Hybrid Integration of Holographic, Mobile, and Screen-based Data Visualization: a Summer research project with professor Robert LiKamWa at Meteor Studio in collaboration with Synthesis Center (iStage)
  • Research goal and challenge: We would like to visualize 3D objects in a virtual space, and we need a tool that could help the device (i.e. Microsoft Hololens) to generate the 3D object in different scenarios, including different shapes and colors.
  • My responsibility: Build a VR/AR data packet generator in Max/MSP/Jitter for generating the data of the particles in a three-dimensional virtual space; collaborated with other teammates to test the data on Microsoft Hololens, Android device, and iStage.
  • The output data includes different attributes (planes) for each particle, including dimensions, colors, and size.
  • Shown in Immersive Analytics @ IEEE VIS 2017


Jingtong Health Management Co., Ltd.

IN Qingdao, Shandong, China

May ~ August 2016, December 2016, December 2017, May ~ June 2018

  • May ~ August 2016:
    • Design the branding of JingTong Health, designed the logo using Adobe Illustrator
    • Edit the document and presentation of the business proposal (BP) of JingTong Health using Adobe InDesign and Apple Keynote
    • Host the presentation of the business proposal (BP) for potential investors
  • December 2016:
    • Design the membership card and other marketing materials
  • December 2017:
    • Came out with an idea of a “dynamic company image wall” in the office that shows the company’s logo and the keywords of our main business scope
    • Implementation of the image wall: created a looping video and play the video using the projector
    • Result: Grabbed attention from visitors; reduced the costs of building a traditional image wall
  • May ~ June 2018:
    • Rebrand of Jingtong: Redesigned the logo
    • Design of the entire VI system (including the color scheme, logo, business card, website, booklets, and other marketing materials)
  • June ~ August 2019, December 2019:
    • Video editing: Introduction video for JingTong


Jingtong Health Management Co., Ltd.

IN Qingdao, Shandong, China

May 2018 ~ Present (working remotely during free time)

  • Design and create the official website for Jingtong Health



The Software Developers Association (SoDA)

October 2016 ~ April 2018

  • Design marketing materials, including flyers for SoDA’s social media post before the events; Design vinyl posters (banners); Design different templates for different kind of events; Design, make and display TV slides before the events.
  • Create and manage the SoDA’s official YouTube channel, record SoDA event videos, edit, and post SoDA events videos.
  • Design SoDA’s official website, thesoda.io, and communicate with our developers.
  • Participating event organization, including flyers, TV Slides, event promo videos, website design, promoting before classes, and photographing. One of the organizers of SWHacks 2017, a SoDA-hosted 36-hour hackathon at Arizona State University. Currently the opening ceremony video director and one of the organizers of sunhacks 2018, a 36-hour hackathon.

Learn more about my design works and leadership experience at SoDA.



Digital Culture Capstone Project

Spring 2018 semester | Arizona State University

The Herberger Experience app offers a new way to take a campus tour at ASU Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts with an Augmented Reality experience.

Problem: The way people take campus tour has never been changed at all. Although there’s abundant information on the Internet, there’s no interaction between browsing webpage to get information and walking through the campus, the buildings, and the facilities. Students need a convenient and interactive way to get to know and access all the resources on campus.

Solution: There are some AR markers inside the building, which are basically taped next to the facilities and faculty offices. The user can use their smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code inside the AR marker, which will direct the user to a webpage with a camera view. Continue scanning the AR marker, and the user will see the information about that place on the screen with a stunning visualization, contains images and texts inside several 3D objects. Annie and I designed the interface of this AR visualization.

Besides the AR functionality, I also designed the brand, posters, designed and created the official site of the Herberger Experience with Annie.

Learn more about this project.

CATEGORY Augmented Reality (AR) application


FRAMEWORKS ar.js, A-Frame, three.js

TOOL USED HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

OTHER SKILLS Web design & development, Programming, Graphic design, Video editing, Team collaboration & leadership


AME 320 (Motion Capture Integrative System), Open-Topic Final Project

Spring 2017 semester | Arizona State University

Marine World is an interactive multimedia system based on motion capture technology. It’s used to help children learn about the different types of sea life that live in all parts of the sea. You walk on a virtual water pool that creates ripples wherever you step. In the “water”, there are sketches of different types of sea life, and if you stand over them, interesting facts about that animal appear on the wall display in front of you.

Learn more about this project.

CATEGORY Interactive Media System

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Max/MSP/Jitter and Processing

TOOL USED OptiTrack by Motive

OTHER SKILLS UI & UX design, video editing (project instruction video), team collaboration


Hackathon Project, Hacks for Humanity by Project Humanities

October 7 ~ 8, 2017 | 1st Place Winner

Envolve is a community service that could encourage people to take part in volunteer events and get certifications.

This is a hackathon project with a team of five people, including two web developers, two entrepreneurs (futurists), and me as a designer.

My responsibility is to design the brand of Envolve, and the webpage for both mobile and desktop.

I also helped come out some ideas for the service and participated in the creation of the slideshow for the pitch.

Learn more about this project.

CATEGORY Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

TOOL USED Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

OTHER SKILLS Team collaboration, marketing, entrepreneurship


DIGS 30003 & 30004 (Data Management & Visualization), Final Project

Autumn 2018 quarter | University of Chicago

Knowledge Globe (KnoGlo) is a tool that allows users to analyze and visualize the distribution of research interests for the selected topic and year.

The Python tool is able to generate datasets that represent the research interests distributed by subjects, keywords, countries, publishers, and publication types.

Using Python or R, users can also visualize these datasets by creating graphs.

I also designed and created the official site of KnoGlo.

Learn more about this project.

CATEGORY Data Management, Data Visualization, Web Design & Development


TOOL USED LibreOffice, Brackets, Springer Nature API

  • Linewave 3D, An interactive virtual reality visual artwork with a virtual 3D space based on the user’s face position detected by the camera.
  • Streamwork website design and prototype
    • Streamwork is an online educational platform which provides interactive teaching and tutoring through livestream sessions.
    • Tool used: Axure
  • Synapse App Prototype, A habit management mobile app concept that aims to help to teach people changing their bad habits.
    • Tool used: Proto.io, Adobe Illustrator
  • WhoU App Icon, Design the logo and icon.
    • See my design idea and process in this article.
    • Download WhoU, a Bluetooth-based contact information sharing tool.
  • OBSTimeBud, a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on macOS to show the current time in your livestream.
    • Learn more about this software, and download it for free. 
    • Programming Language: Swift 4
    • Tool used: Xcode 9
  • RulerClock, A simple clock that doesn’t look like a clock.
    • Try it now, and download it for free. 
    • Programming Language: Processing 3
  • See more projects on this website, junshuliu.com.

See what courses that I’ve taken.




6104 S Woodlawn Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

United States








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UPDATED October 23, 2019, version 9.0

I started building my resume on September 20, 2016.

Special thanks to David Chen, UChicagoGRAD, Thomas Forrest (version 5.1, 6.0, and 6.1, 2018) and Steve King (version 1.0, 2016) who helped me to look at my resume and gave me professional guides for networking and career application. You guys are the best.

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