Since I was in middle school, I enjoy recording and making videos. I have been self-teaching myself non-linear editing. Final Cut Pro is my primary video editing software.

I got my first camcorder in December 2009. Since then, I often record videos during my daily life and edit them as short movies or even documentaries. Capture moments in my daily life is important for me. Time goes fast, and we will experience a lot of things, meet with people, and go to other places. There are lots of great memories that are worth to be “backed up” not only in our brain but also as replayable videos and save into our hard drive. And, it’s better to drag those videos to the timeline in a video editing software and make a piece of memory that tastes good.

Besides short movies, I also make special video edits in an artistic way. Animated typography is also my favorite since 2016 when Apple’s Don’t Blink video begins this trend and being a popular thing,

For academic and businesses, I make the introduction and demo videos for my projects/products. Plus, I also make videos for clubs, organizations, and companies for social media marketing, presentations, and event organizations.


Note: These are mostly project promo videos and clubs marketing. Not including all project introduction videos (unless it’s really awesome).


A Tribute to the Technology Industry – sunhacks opening ceremony countdown video, Spring 2018 (4′ 20″)

The Herberger Experience Introduction Video, Summer 2018 (2′ 1″)

Documentary Series: Record of Panda Expedition, Episode 2 (36′ 25″)


The Herberger Experience (Old Idea) Introduction Video, Fall 2017 (4′ 13″)

08 / 12 / 2014, Summer 2017 (9′ 4″)

Learn more about this video.

Sunday Morning in ASU – Footage, Spring 2017 (2′ 47″)

SWHacks Marketing, Spring 2017

  • “Interviews” (2′ 24″)
  • Opening Ceremony “Countdown” (1′ 32″)

SoDA Social Fall 2016 Compilation, Spring 2017 (3′ 10″)


SoDA “What is SoDA and Can I Drink It?”, Fall 2016 (6′ 28″)


1 year at Renmin University of China: The Memories, Summer 2014 (7′ 18″)

Documentary Series: Record of Panda Expedition, Episode 1 (29′ 16″)


Record of Panda Expedition (Episode 1) Teaser Trailer, Fall 2013 (39″)


Currently, I’m responsible for these channels:

My Personal YouTube channel (main channel): Junshu Liu

My Second YouTube channel for special video projects (under construction): JTedL Studio

SoDA (The Software Developers Association) official YouTube channel: SoDA ASU

SWHacks (Southwest Hackathon) official YouTube channel: SWHacks

My Youku(优酷)channel: JunshuL

My Bilibili(哔哩哔哩)channel: JTedL


Non-Linear Editing Softwares
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Corel VideoStudio
Special Effects
  • Apple Motion (currently self-teaching)
  • Adobe After Effect (currently self-teaching)

POSTED April 13, 2017
UPDATED February 11, 2019

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