From brand & visual identity to user interface & user experience, I research, craft, and validate every single piece of works I’ve designed and created for branding, presentations, and web/app products.

Envolve: Volunteering Community Web Design

Awarded – 1st-Place, Hacks for Humanity 2017 Hackathon

Envolve is a volunteering community service. By implementing a social, reward-based style of earning points, people can be more motivated to serve their community and help the earth all while having fun by leveling up and earning achievements.

I was responsible for the brand & web UI design, plus product pitch slideshow design presented in front of entrepreneur mentors.

Roundtrip Planning Table

Say you’re planning for a roundtrip. If you want to compare prices, durations, and number of transfer stops for each roundtrip combinations, that often requires multiple searches back-and-forth.

Until now, there’s a better tool for that.

SWHacks (hackathon) branding, media & organization

As part of the SWHacks organizer and design team, I’m responsible for the hackathon’s visual identity, including logo and website; as well as video production for social media posts.

More importantly, this is one of my best college memories with my friends from the club organizing such a big event all together.

StreamWork Livestream Tutoring: Web Design & Marketing

StreamWork is an online livestream tutoring platform, a startup made by Jared Hsu, my friend in college.

I worked on the UI for the livestream page as a part of our brainstorming process, plus our introductory pages.

Besides, I designed multiple flyers and directed the video production for our social media marketing.

Apple Fridge Concept

What if Apple makes a smart refrigerator?

Food management. Temperature & humidity control. Self-closing doors. FridgeOS with smart timer and recipes & cooking tutorials. RecipeKit API. HomeKit hub and control panel. This is a smart fridge that has everything you need for your kitchen.

Please check back for more projects! I’m putting those all together.

It’s always a sense of achievement and happiness to see my designs applied to large-scaled products or events that are going to be used by thousands of people, maybe millions, maybe billions…and I want everyone to have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience from what I’ve been created.

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