An Information Resource for Comparing Roundtrip Combinations in an at-a-glance view.

Need to decide when to leave & come back?

Which combination has the lowest price and the shortest travel time?

Introducing Roundtrip Planning Table.
Search by a snap — no need to search 30 times.


  • John Appleseed, 32
  • Entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA
  • Looking for a business travel to Beijing, China
  • Should be a roundtrip
  • “When should I leave and when to return? Which plan is the best – not too expensive but won’t be a long trip so it’ll be comfortable enough?”

John found this tool called “RPTable”, and it looks cool.

  • He typed the “home city” as Atlanta, and “traveling city” as Beijing
  • He selected a range of date that he wants to leave (he is thinking about any of these 6 days, 1/23 to 1/28)
  • As well as the return date (could be any day from these 5 days, 2/22 – 2/26)
  • He always trusts Skyscanner, so he selected it as the data provider for this flight check.
  • Based on the range of dates he selected, there are 6×5=30 combinations
  • Looks like if he choose to leave on either January 24 or 25 and return on February 22, the price will be the cheapest
  • However, it takes 35 hours and it sounds exhausting for an international flight
  • “No more than 24 hours”, John thinks.
  • He applied a filter, so any flights with the duration more than 24 hours will be hidden, and it will show the lowest price but with the condition of “duration less than 24 hours”.
  • “Looks like I should fly on 1/26.” John clicked on the text in the table that were highlighted, and it jumped to the Skyscanner website with the list of flights that I’m looking for – and of course, the same date that he’s looking for.


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