Since this site,, is my primary website as a blog site and a portfolio includes multiple types of projects, I also thought that I need a place that looks like a gallery to highlight only my Graphic Design, web and UI/UX/Interaction Design skills, just like I did for my videos by doing a YouTube channel, coding projects on GitHub, and Processing sketches on OpenProcessing.

Behance, a creative community network by Adobe, is a great place for people who get involved in creative industries like designers, animator, and artists, to promote their works and discover more people and their talents.

I’m always a heavy user of the Adobe services and their software, especially Experience Design, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Muse, which is a web design tool that I’m currently learning. Also, 95% of my design works was created by using Adobe suite.

Therefore, Behance should be, without a doubt, the best place for me to combine all my design works together as a showcase, or I call it a “Design Gallery”.

There are two major differences between the gallery and this site.

  1. Like I said, the gallery will only focus on my Graphic Design, Web design, and UI/UX design for apps.
  2. In this site, I will sort my works by organizations/projects. For instance, for the SoDA Branding and Marketing project post, I put everything about SoDA stuff in one article. However, in Behance, each of my work will be shown individually – it means that every single work, like the flyer, logo design, banner, web design, etc. will be listed one by one.

Adobe also offers a powerful website builder, Adobe Portfolio, that is adhesively connected to Behance and allows you to make better web pages, and show your Behance posts in the meantime. Since this site is still my premier website, I will try the Adobe Portfolio thing that might allow me to build a better design gallery.

I will constantly update my Behance gallery by updating my past design works since mid-2016, and I’m also really excited and looking forward to making more sophisticated and excellent design works in 2018.


Tool used

  • Adobe Behance
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Adobe Suite

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