Try yourself with the interactive prototype.

View the official poster and project book.

Apple Fridge is a smart refrigerator. With the re-engineered hardware and the power of IoT, AI technologies, and databases from third-party RecipeKit apps, it can easily manage your foods inside the fridge, suggests recipes and shopping lists based on what you have or needs, and controls the environment in the fridge to make everything fresh. Plus, with a friendly user interface designed for FridgeOS, it enhances your cooking experience with video cooking tutorials for your recipe and smart timers that automatically suggests the times based on your needs. It can also be the center of your smart home as a home hub to manage all your HomeKit products. And, it has a fridge door that can close itself, if the door is left open.

This is the Apple Fridge. Your Kitchen. Reimagined.

Starting at $1,999.


This is a concept of a currently unplanned and unreleased Apple product and is not affiliated with Apple.

Concept by Junshu “Ted” Liu, M.S. in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology.

This is the final project of the ID 8803 – Consumer Electronics Design taught by Dr. Wei Wang from the School of Industrial Design at Georgia Institute of Technology.

PROJECT RELEASED December 4, 2019

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