Late-March 2017 for me is groundbreaking.

– On March 20th, I updated my resume version 3.0;

– On March 26th, my Google AdSense account was approved for the monetization of my YouTube channel. It means that I’m about to start earning money using my video editing talent;

– On today, March 28th, I’m starting building my personal website.

In the past few years, my life has been brightened by many things that I’m putting passions on them, and I appreciate those things I love and enjoy that shaped my lifestyle and determining my orientation of major and careers.

However, here’s the thing. Until today, I do not have a space that can show me all of my works, and all of my efforts, to the rest of the world. Over the past year, I’m completing my portfolios, and of course, updating my portfolios with my new works and products. You can see them on many platforms, including YouTube, Adobe Portfolio, Behance, and soon I’ll complete my GitHub for my software and digital arts products. The problem is, how can I integrate and manage everything in one place that produced using different software (so I don’t need to worry about upload my Microsoft Office Publisher work on the Adobe Portfolio), also with blogs that I can fully express my ideas, and even make this place decorated in the style I prefer, to show my characteristics and ideas?

That’s why I make this place.

Today is a significant start. In the next few weeks, I’ll constantly update my works and write something here, while I’ll keep going forward to make more fantastic things that I love, and you might love them, too.

Junshu Liu

At Hayden Library, ASU Tempe Campus

5:57 PM (GMT-7), March 28, 2017


Updated 4/5/2017 – Grammar correction; added something.

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